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The waterfalls of Coo

Worth seeing and widely known are the waterfalls of Coo. It can be visited free of charge and serves as starting point for many hikers. The Amel with 15 meters is the highest and the most famous waterfall in Belgium. The small waterfall existed since about the 15th Century, the big one was established in the 18th Century by the Prince Abbot of Stavelot, apparently to protect the meander lying Petit-Coo against flooding.

At the foot of the waterfall of Coo tourists can do various leisure activities, for example mini-golf games, carting and kayaking. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the Amel-Valley! In addition, in Plopsa Coo there is also a large game park, which can be explored on a 40-minute drive in a train. The entrance is a bit unusual. Any visitor can basically enter the park for free. To try the attractions you need to have an all-in ticket and you can ride and drive as many times you want.

Explore the park your way! We guarantee pure summer fun for the whole family. Despite the relatively modest attractions on offer, there are plenty of reasons to visit this newly remodeled park mainly because of its nice location ideal nature lovers. The natural spectacle was the reason for the construction of this game park in close vicinity to the waterfall.

There are many tourists who want to admire the Ardennes-spectacle.