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The theme park Plopsa Coo

Situated in the small Walloon town Coo, south-east of Liege it is a small theme park very close to nature. This park is targeting primarily families and children. The entrance to the tourist area is free of charge, but you have to pay for using the attractions. The park offers about 20 attractions for those who like the adventure! Discover the Star Flyer Tower! With this mechanism you float to a height of 70 meters and have a unique view over the valley of Amblève and the theme park.

In the Wildlife Park you can discover the typical fauna of the Ardennes from a slow train. The brave ones can get down on 2 summer toboggans with a length of 850 meters. A short ride on the roller-coaster or the splash assures strong emotions. Children pilot the air behind their superheroes in the flying bicycles or walk in the mysterious labyrinth. Tension in the magical labyrinth stimulates the search for the exit.

Another popular attraction is the octopus. The octopus grabs everyone with his arms and rocks them. Kids will enjoy a walk on the backs of rabbits, a ride on the nostalgic carousel, or they can play mini-golf (18 holes). In Plopsa Coo you will spend eventful hours for sure! Explore the souvenir shops and the famous dancing fountains in the Plopsaland. In the Plopsa shop there are perfect souvenirs for all.

After an unforgettable day you can enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the most hospitable restaurants "La Cascade", "Le Marcassin" or in "Le Vieux Moulin".

Come and discover the park Plopsa Coo in a splendid natural area at the foot of the famous waterfalls of Coo.