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The surroundings

Discover the wonderful holiday country in the Ardennes! In the vicinity of the park lies the Plopsa Coo theme park. You can also visit castles, the Abbey of Stavelot and furthermore explore endless trails. Many leisure activities await the guests in the sporting, culinary and cultural sector. In the vicinity are the caves of Han. The highlight of this theme park is the drip-stone cave, which can be seen during the eventful tours. You will be taken there with a historic tram. 400 steps are divided up and down in the cave, but the hike is not exhausting. The Caves of Han are ideal for a wonderful day trip!

Another attraction is the Caves of Hotton. It is the only monumental cave of Wallonia and an important cultural heritage. In the depths of the earth the Crystal Palace presents you the most beautiful gems and offers a unique and breathtaking view.

The Caves of Remouchamps are worth exploring. Here you will experience the longest underground boat ride in the world with a fabulous lighting in the different cave rooms. The visit leads through beautiful rooms, on the way there on foot and on the way back in the boat. For daily shopping, there are many shops in the smaller towns. The perfect place for shopping and strolling is Liege. Among the attractions of the Belgian city are the Gothic and Romanesque churches, the Palace Prince-Évêque, the baroque town hall and the town hall square and numerous museums. Namur is a beautiful city, here you can spend a wonderful day, go shopping or visit the Citadel of Namur, one of the strongest fortresses in Europe, which looks back on a 2000 year history. If you wish to visit beautiful castles, fortresses, then you're on the right place. Bouillon, Rochefort and La Roche Logne have beautiful ruins. You can find an amazing castle in the middle of nature in Modave. Dinant is worth visiting with its beautiful scenery. Go and explore Huy, Namur and its familiar sights.

The Ardennes is the ideal destination for tourists who yearn for peace and quiet or want to practice sport in the open air!