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The Ardennes

Take a discovery trip to visit the fabulous holiday country the Ardennes! Here you will find many places closely connected with nature! The area offers excellent opportunities for rest and relaxation outdoors.

The Ardennes are located in southern Belgium, in the south of Wallonia. The forests, nature reserves and rivers of the Ardennes are preferred locations for the environment and nature lovers. Remarkable is the diversity of nature and sports activities in this beautiful landscape.  The vast forests, many parks and nature reserves characterize a large part of the landscape. Explore it! Hundreds of kilometers are marked trails for hikers, walkers, cyclists and riders. On the trails castles, monuments or historic old towns can be explored. And don't forget the smaller atmospheric villages. They are always worth a visit.

The culinary highlights of the region are worth a taste. You can sample the game dishes in the abounding restaurants or drink a traditional Belgian beer or a coffee with Belgian chocolate. Museums, monuments and cozy cafes provide your holiday a better atmosphere. Relax, enjoy the region with beautiful nature, and regain strength and energy! You can wander for hours without meeting someone. The deep solitude of the forest changes with the bare, almost melancholic moor landscape. On the other hand deer, wild boars, foxes and badgers can be spotted in the woods.

The Belgian Ardennes are a country for nature lovers! Spend a few days with your loved ones without hassle or stress!